Open The Bottle and See Where It Takes You

Imagine yourself on an exotic getaway through the remote islands of the Caribbean to the depths of the Hawaiian rainforests. The bright colors of the exotic plants and flowers, the fresh sweet smells inviting you in. The echoes of birds and drops of water trickling down like diamonds surround you. You inhale this heavenly moment and try to hold on to it forever. When suddenly, your alarm goes off and it’s 6:00am. A dark cloud hovers over your private little paradise.  Your first instinct is to hit the snooze and savor 5 more minutes! But you realize…I have the perfect solution to get my day started right! Philosophy’s The Oxygen Boost. Forget about the craziness of your everyday life: schedules, meetings, finances, school and work. For one moment in your daily routine you can go back to your paradise with Philosophy’s The Oxygen Boost. It detoxifies your skin to make you feel like your radiant self.  For $17.99 let oxygen do the work and see where it takes you.

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