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Roaring 20’s


In honor of the new movie The Great Gatsby, which is one of my favorite books growing up, the fashion and makeup was very glamorous in this era. I’ve always been drawn to the 20’s and the party girl flapper lifestyle,but the vintage dresses, jewels, and hair styles are so iconic. If  you’re familiar with the story then you know that Daisy, the blondie pictured above, is Gatsby’s love interest and who can blame him haha .The movie is like a dream filled with mansions, elaborate parities, champagne flowing, music, love, money and temptation. But what stood out to me is the makeup! Bright lips, smokey eyes,dark liner, and bright cheeks. The best part is all the makeup on the set was MAC products! Fashion and Beauty Inc tells you step by step on how to get Daisy’s look and channel the inner flapper in you 😉

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