Open The Bottle and See Where It Takes You

Imagine yourself on an exotic getaway through the remote islands of the Caribbean to the depths of the Hawaiian rainforests. The bright colors of the exotic plants and flowers, the fresh sweet smells inviting you in. The echoes of birds and drops of water trickling down like diamonds surround you. […]

Apollo Trendz Offers Free Shipping Worldwide

ApolloTrendz President, Al Guastello, announces free shipping on ALL orders worldwide to benefit customers. Mr. Guastello expressed his frustration with other major online retailers stating,   “These retailers are charging the average consumer way too much for shipping when it should be free. It’s not enough they’re already overpaying, but […]

My Lost Luggage Led Me To A Sweet Deal

Meanwhile in Las Vegas, I was standing in the airport at baggage claim waiting for my luggage to appear, when an overwhelming anxiety shocked through my body.  I realized that the airline lost my bag.  I ran over to the customer service desk repeating to myself, “THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!!” […]